A few questions I hope to get help on...

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A few questions I hope to get help on...

Postby Got_Rice? » Mon Oct 14, 2002 6:39 am

I'm planning on making a FF8 Video and I was wondering if there were any programs to rip the video out of the FF8 PC game. I have several high quality clips but I want to get the best quality out of the clips possible by ripping the movies out of the gam eitself. Also, what is a ideal software program to use? Videowave 4 looks quite good but I've heard that the Ulead Video program is better. What video editing program would you suggest to someone who's pretty low on cash to buy a $99 video program? =P

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Postby klinky » Mon Oct 14, 2002 7:01 am

Check out the link at the bottom of my sig. There is a guide there specifically for getting Video Game footage.

As for a video editor, they aren't really that cheap. I use Premiere it's costly $500 or so new. Though you can get it bundled with a DV200 for around $250. Everything else is going to cost you $100 or so.

There are a bunch of Trial/Demo versions of video editing programs out there. Premiere is included. You can pick it up @ www.adobe.com. I would read the guides here first before you attempt to make a video. This will save you some confusion/headaches ;)


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