Help I need a host for my videos.

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Help I need a host for my videos.

Postby kaji2015 » Wed Sep 25, 2002 3:07 pm

Is anyone willing to host one of 3 Music Videos i have up right now? Seems like i won't be able to host them on my site any longer.


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Postby kthulhu » Wed Sep 25, 2002 10:59 pm

1. There is no decent, free hosting out there, unless you have friends with fat pipes or know someone here who does and is willing to host. Most people aren't willing to.

2. You can wait until "The Golden Donut" starts up. Date for this: unknown.

3. If you have high speed net access (DSL or cable), you could run your own FTP server off your comp. Be prepared to have your system on 24/7, and also be aware that your internet provider may not allow this for long. Lots of uploading also slows your connection.

4. Check the sticky concerning <A href="">hosting</a> in the general AMV forum.

Good luck.

Oh, and this should be in the General AMV section, preferably.
I'm out...

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