AMVpack - All the tools in one package! (2/8/2018)

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AMVpack - All the tools in one package! (2/8/2018)

Postby l33tmeatwad » Fri Nov 07, 2014 11:55 pm

AMVpack is an installer package for all the tools commonly used for handling and preparing footage for use in making AMVs. This is similar to AMVapp but is more up to date and will have an expiration date so that old versions will not run. I plan to keep this as up to date as possible and will try to have one release a year to help maintain the latest usable versions of any particular item in the package.

Download: Windows (x86/x64) / macOS / Sources

Last macOS Update: 2/8/2018
Last Windows Update: 2/8/2018

IMPORTANT: macOS users will need to disable Gatekeeper to be able to install. The easiest method is to open terminal and run the following command:

Code: Select all

sudo spctl --master-disable

NOTE: It is recommended that you re-enable this after the install!

Software Included:
AMVtool 1.0
MKVToolNix 19.0.0 (English/Español/Français/Italiano/Русский)
tsMuxeR 2.6.12
Ut Video Codec Suite 19.0.1

D2V Witch v2
MPV 0.25.0
VapourSynth (R34)
VapourSynth Plugins
VapourSynth Editor r16

AviSynth 2.6 (32-bit Only)
AviSynth+ (64-bit Only)
AviSynth Info Tool (32-bit Only)
AviSynth Plugins
AvsPmod 2.5.1 (English/Español/Français/Русский)
DGMPGDec 1.5.8 (English Only)
Lagarith Lossless Video Codec 1.3.27
MPC-HC 1.7.13 (English/Español/Français/Italiano/Русский)
Premiere Plugins (Import AviSynth scripts & 3D videos)(64-bit Only)
VirtualDub 1.10.4 (English/Français/Русский)

Español: Zerowalk
Français: ProjectBarcodeError & Obsidian Zero
Italiano: mirkosp
Русский: Turbo

New Features:
AMVtool for converting & recontainering

Known Bugs:
AviSynth Info Tool shows crash error when exiting in Wine.

Future Update Plans:
Documentation translations for French and Italian
Updated AviSynth documentation for French, Italian, and Russian

If you would like to help with translating to any additional languages please feel free to contact me!

Using Linux or macOS and want to run AviSynth? You can install the Windows version too, here's how!
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