AMV Playback at Conventions... thoughts

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Re: AMV Playback at Conventions... thoughts

Postby DJ_Izumi » Wed May 02, 2012 8:28 pm

Mister Hatt wrote:Deeeeeerrrrrrrrr XBMC uses it's own libs for a lot of things and what it does have in common with CCCP is super out of date. Only HTPC software I know of that uses recent builds of anything is Enna and I suppose MMC, mostly because they rely on system libav/mplayer. All the others use the same decoders but way older versions, with their own custom demuxers, last I checked.

While XBMC is behind somewhat, the only arena where it's behind truely is 10bit h.264, which is available in the nightlies if I recall. Everything else you'd need for AMV playback is there.

It's just a suggestion, since it allows remote control via HTML interface and a few other means.

But I just use it for my HTPC. I barely touch the remote input, other than using my Windows Media IR remote. :P

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Re: AMV Playback at Conventions... thoughts

Postby Mister Hatt » Sun May 06, 2012 8:38 am

It also can't read MKV properly, and has the most derp subtitle handling ever. I guess that kind of thing isn't an issue for AMVs much though, but for playback at a con you really want a proper queueing system rather than hacking software not designed for it into such a use. I've yet to see any problems with a good player rendering to a second display for any event I've staffed, while every other solution tried has been a mess.

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Re: AMV Playback at Conventions... thoughts

Postby Quu » Tue May 22, 2012 3:29 pm

I did consider XMBC for a very long time... as my original idea was two machines... one with XMBC and a second running a custom web UI i was going to script in python for XBMC (was going to be a cool reason to learn python)...

my problem with XBMC was when i tried to unify it into a single computer, with UI and playback on the same machine... i don't want the aidiance to see the XBMC interface, or any interface... they should see black and hear silence... or should see and hear a video...

that is why i transitioned to VLC with a custom skin and web interface... then into mplayer(2) with a custom wrapper app

i have decided to stick with just mplayer(2) and my conplayer for now... i don't have time to try out the libav+sdl solution before awa
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