CHARTFLOW 101 : which step comes first ?

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CHARTFLOW 101 : which step comes first ?

Post by hassid303 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:46 am

Hello guys,

I have been editing a few AMV for a year now: 1-minute techno clip, super dynamic, 130-140 BPM tracks.

I was only using Premiere Pro and felt its limit. That's why I jumped to the conclusion that I needed to train myself to After Effects. I discovered, tried, and keep grinding new tutorials for:

- 60 fps

I want to use RAW footage, and turn them into 60fps: I really like the super-smooth feeling of it.

- Rotoscoping / Masking

Mainly with Rotobrush from AE. I feel it's super buggy, especially in 60fps...

- Twixtor software

That's the main part: the time remap from Twixtor.

- Red Giant software; Transition plug-ins; Effects plug-ins

Here comes my question: what should I use first when editing?

Should I first turn my footage into 60fps? Should I do everything on AE or switch between Pro and AE? Should I even use Adobe?
Twixtor/Rotobrushing should be used on 60fps footage? or 24fps and then turn them into 60 fps?

As you can see, I am very confused... A chart flow from an experienced editor would be the perfect solution.

Or just casual chatting about the most efficient way to deal with AMV editing |:>

Thanks a lot in advance, love & all

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