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What are the VCAs?
For over 20 years, the Viewers Choice Awards have been an annual opportunity to showcase and acknowledge the videos that stand out above the rest. It's a way for fans to say “Thank you” to the creators that put the extra effort into creating videos that are truly exceptional. And so every year, we let the community vote on what videos they thought were the very best from the previous year. There are awards for Best Action, Most Artistic, Editor of the Year, and many more! If you want to see what has won in previous VCAs you can go here to click through the years! and more!

What can compete?
All fan-made Anime Music Videos that first premiered online in 2022 are eligible to participate in the VCAs (even videos that aren't cataloged on Traditionally, the VCAs have been exclusive to fan-made music videos that primarily use animation from Japan, but in recent years, we've decided to open the competition up to all forms of animation. And to have even more inclusiveness we added a "Best Use of Live Action Source" category that will recognize fan-made music videos that use Live Action movies and shows.

How do I nominate videos?
To nominate a video, simply post a link to it in a nomination thread that you feel it is eligible for. The moderation team will then auto-nominate that video for every other category that we feel it fits in. When posting a link to a video, the original YouTube upload is highly preferred. Also, please ensure that the video first premiered in 2022. New for 2023: Each person's Nominations will be limited to 10 per category, and you won't be able to revoke a nomination after submitting it. Nominations after your 10th video in a category will be discarded for that category.

How do I vote?
Once the Nomination period is over, all nominated videos will then be added to a google form. To vote, you simply need to be logged into a google account (Youtube, Gmail, Google Drive, etc), and the voting form will use your profile to anonymously submit your responses. You're also able to go back to the form as many times as you like to update or change your vote. As long as you click the "SUBMIT" button, your responses will be recorded and remembered if you need to edit them later.

You can use the google sheet links in each of the nomination threads to watch whatever videos were nominated for that category. To make finding videos as easy as possible, the document contains separate sheets sorted by each category. If you notice that a video is missing from the sheet or voting list, please let us know as soon as possible.

Nomination Categories
Videos must be nominated for these categories in order to be eligible for Round 1 voting
  • Best Action, Most Artistic, Best Character Profile, Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Fun, Best Use of Instrumental Music, Best Use of Live Action Source, Best Use of Multiple Sources, Most Original, Best Parody or Commercial, Best Romance, Best Rhythm & Dance, Best Sentimental, Best Short, Best Use of Special Effects, Best Storytelling, Best Thriller, Best Trailer
Non-nomination Categories
All videos and editors nominated for any category will be automatically eligible for Round 1 voting
  • Video of the Year
  • Editor of the Year
VCA Schedule
Nominations: 02/09 - 02/21
Round 1 Voting: 02/23 - 03/07
Round 2 Voting: 03/09 - 03/19
Final Round Voting: 03/21 - 03/28

LIVE Stream of Results: 03/30 @ 8PM EST

All rounds will end on the scheduled day at 11:59pm EST.