Please read the application conditions below carefully before continuing. If you submit an entry it is assumed that you agree with all of these conditions.

Remix contents:
Scenes from the anime Xam'd (without audio) and the single �SHUT UP AND EXPLODE� by �BOOM BOOM SATELLITES� only.

Entry deadline:
January 12th, 2009

Announcement of winning entries:
The winning videos will be announced on Friday, January 16th.

First place prize:
SONY Gold Walkman S Series [16GB] NW-S739F

Top ten:
Will receive a signed copy of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES Special Edition Album


Requirements for the video:
• Please contact amvj at alien-eye dot com for a high resolution video of Xam`d scenes.
• Use audio material from �SHUT UP AND EXPLODE� performed by BOOM BOOM SATELLITES.
• Get �SHUT UP AND EXPLODE� yourself or e-mail amvj at alien-eye dot com for a sample.

Accepted formats:
• File format: FLV, avi, mov, mpeg, mp4, wmv
• File size: 200MB
• Maximum length: 1 minute and 30 seconds
• Please send amvj at alien-eye dot com the link (ie., your blog, or your website) of your remix.

• If any dispute arises with a third party regarding an entry video, it is the applicant�s responsibility to settle the dispute.
• Only video created by the applicant can be submitted.

All videos submitted for the competition are the copyright of the organizer (promoter).
By submitting an entry video to the contest, the applicant gives the organizer full permission to exhibit or use the video for publications, ads, and websites.

Restrictions regarding video content:
We will not accept a video submission if any of the following apply:

• It violates rights of a third party or any other party
• It defames a third party
• It is offensive to the public
• It obstructs the running of this contest
• The contents are not suitable for the purposes of the organizer of this contest
The organizer reserves the right to cancel any entry based on these regulations.

• The organizer may change these regulations as required.
• If an application to this contest causes any damages on the applicant, the organizer assumes no responsibility.

Handling of individual information:
The personal information collected from applicants will only be used for the purposes of contact if the applicant�s entry has won a prize or in an emergency. It will not be shared with any third parties.

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