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  • Member: eternalchibichibi
  • Title: Stockholm Syndrome
  • Premiered: 2005-03-15
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    • Blink 182 Stockholm Syndrome
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  • Comments: Okay guys here's my latest video - Stockholm Syndrome

    This video actually was finished about a year ago last June. Due to college and a hectic social life (hahahaha yeah I wish) and the fact that I could not encode the video properly, it remained on the harddrive of my brothers computer with a small RM which I previewed to friends.

    However for some reason today (March 15th) I decided to put it on the net - I think Minamicon gave me a big boot up the bottom (to put it bluntly) and inspiration, so I decided to release this.

    The video is very much about feeling sorry for your captors, and giving love instead of hate towards them. In this video, Usagi (Serena / Sailor Moon whatever you want to call her) suceeds because she doesn't just smack people in the face, she tries to reason with them (first).

    This is one of the most technical videos I've made. I tried out a lot of new things I hadn't before, however there were some draw backs:
    a) I can't use after fx to save my life - so I gave up and tried using premier to my best standards
    b) The source footage was from Chinese VCDs (as there are no DVDs of stars) so the blurryness in some parts isn't due to my encoding. I had this file as a 1 gigabite uncompressed asvi on my borther's computer for months and it looks exactly the same as this 28 meg version.
    c) My lip syncing skills are rubbish

    All in all, I think this is the best video I've made. I'm in no way implying that it's the best video ever because I know damn well it's not. I watch it back and notice loads of tiny mistakes, but oh well, I tried my best.

    I made this video also to help me with my school media project as we were using premier - glad to say I got an A - yeay :)

    I dedicate this video to the entire staff team at as I previewed this to a lot of them, and also to all my new friends which I made at minamicon 11.

    Ahhh I'm failing school and have just wasted another hour encoding this video... oh well it's worth it

    I hope you enjoy it!

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