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  • Member: MetalWolf
  • Studio: Metal Wolf Productions
  • Title: Everybody Hates Me
  • Premiered: 2004-03-16
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  • Song:
    • Alice Cooper Nobody Likes Me
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  • Comments: Won the award "Made In Alberta" at Animethon 11's AMV contest

    This AMV sort of came out in a whim. I was working on a serious AMV when I gues si just didn't feel like really doing anything more with it. I was getting fustrated because I did want to work on an AMV it was just that the ideas never came out. I had all this Evangelion footage and no idea to use it. Then I searched for a song, I didn't know I was looking for a song and I thought I would just wing it for once. When this song came up, it was an idea I had for awhile but never attempted it because lets face it "I still suck at lip-sync". However I thought "what the hell I need a laugh anyway" however in a matter of 2 hours i made significant progress. After a week of working on it I finally finished it. Its a parody comedy on one character that lets face it, everyone loves to hate. Every time I heard this song it reminded me of Shinji probably at his most depressed. This AMV is just a for fun AMV its not meant to be taken seriously and it has nothing really to do with any emotions I have or anything it was just an idea I just went out and done. This was a song however that I really cut alot of the song up to shorten more or less I felt the song dragged on too long, I wanted to make the message clear and simple without all the other stuff in it. Either way the AMV is just clear fun and thats all it was meant to be.

    Either way I worked on it, however i am finished but i may continue to work on it to try and make the lip sync better. When it is better then I will probably release it.

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