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  • Member: Omikami_Amaterasu
  • Studio: Studio Valinor
  • Title: Trinity Rising
  • Premiered: 2008-06-17
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    • DJ Encore Point of No Return
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  • Comments: Hey guys! I have uploaded a remastered edition that features some tweaks as well some minor visual quality improvement (instead of encoding the MP4 directly from Vegas I encoded an uncompressed AVI and then used Zarx264gui to encode, and also ran BlindPP and Deen filters on the video to iron out some artifacts) - special thanks to Autraya for her technical guidance in this area.

    Some shot timings have been refined and a few scenes have been changed (most noticeably the "final battle" toward the end), but the essences remain pretty much the same. :)

    Edit: The Remastered Edition is now on available via Local download as well! Enjoy everyone!!!

    This is my first AMV, as well as my second personal editing project - it was a lot of challenge for me but also a lot of fun and excitement.

    The footages are taken exclusively from Sentou Yousei Yukikaze and Macross Zero. I am a storyteller by nature, so my goal from the very start was to defy the way most music videos are cut (a series of montages that don't neccesarily relate to one another), and present a piece with a coherant narrative and imagery. I think the biggest challenge in making this video was blending the two animes seamlessly: For one these two shows "look" very different - the airplane designs are different, the CGI styles look different (Yukikaze uses black borders on its CG to imitate 2D animation, Macross Zero doesn't), and the colors look different (Macross Zero is predominantly blue and orange, Yukikaze is predominantly green). I ended up doing an extensive amount of color correction and manipulation to make the "feel" of the shots consistant - for those who are very familiar with these two shows, you will be able to tell. :]

    The "story" is fairly simple and hardly original, and is a blend between the two animes. The protagonist basically takes on the role of both Shin Kudou and Rei Fukai - early in the video his task force investigates a strange cloud formation (the interdimensional gateway from Yukikaze), encounters unidentified hostile aircrafts and during the skirmish, his plane takes damage and crashes onto a local island. He meets a beautiful and mysterious girl (much luv to Sara Nome), and needless to say fall in love; but their time together cannot last because war still rages nearby. Vowing that he will end the war, he returns to his fleet and is assigned an experimental fightercraft. From that point on the protagonist takes place in various battles, ultimately joining the final confrontation where mankind attempts to destroy the "interdimensional gateway". There's plenty of references to the key events that take place in the two animes that I used, so it should be easy to understand what's going on. :)

    This is NOT an effect-heavy video - I am not faimliar with masking and photoscoping, so for my first AMV I stayed within familiar grounds - my strength lies in shot timing, syncing, keyframing (a lot of "shaking camera" effects in the video are done manually), compositing, and color manipulation, so there's a lot of that in this video.

    The software I used is Sony Vegas - I personally prefer Premiere but Premiere is very picky about video formats and couldn't open a lot of anime files (for example, my Macross Zero AVIs...)

    Special thanks to Nostromo, whose AMVs are definetely an inspiration to me; and also to my soul mate Anastasia Koroschansckaja, who gave me company and encouragement during the editing (as well as coming up with the final title for the video!)

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