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  • Member: Red Wolf
  • Studio: Red Wolf Studio
  • Title: She's Your Venus
  • Premiered: 2002-09-27
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    • Bananarama Venus
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  • Comments: This video was made especially for the Dance Challenge contest for AWA 8 (Sept 2002). The theme for the contest was the 80's and when I heard the song "Venus" while listening to some 80's radio stations for ideas I just had to give in and do another Sailor Moon profile. My third video will be something different, I swear. The video ended up not premiering at that contest since it was canceled due to lack of entries.

    Venus can easily be seen as the most attractive scout in the Sailor Moon series so, aside from the shared named, I thought this song would match because she is the most vixen like of the girls. However Venus has also had a hard time with the boys in the series but she doesn't have an "excuse" like some of the other scouts do. So I thought I'd include a lot of footage from her rejection episodes and put everything together so we see a little bit of the rejection, a little bit of her aggression which comes from the rejection, and a whole lot of vixen.

    It might be more fair to call this video more of a character portrait than a character profile.

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