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  • Member: HorrorPhD
  • Studio: Dr. Raven Productions
  • Title: Precious Faye
  • Premiered: 2005-12-09
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  • Song:
    • Tori Amos Precious Things
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  • Comments: And here's where I get to be long winded in explaining a few things...

    First of all, I'd like to thank Jen for holding her Contest My Mix...whether this vid wins anything or not, it was the kick in the seat of my pants that I needed to get it done. :)

    Secondly, for those who will be looking at this with the proverbial "fine tooth comb" - there are a couple of places where it appears Faye is lip synching...this is completely unintentional (a nice coincidence, sure, but unintentional on my part) please keep that in mind. Also, in terms of how the AMV looks when you play it - since I have footage from both the Bebop movie and the series, some of it *may* look different to various it doesn't all follow the same format in terms of letterboxing, etc. It looks great on my computer, but don't know how it'll fly with others and different media players. I did my best to synch it all up in it's VERY possible you won't notice a thing and I'm blabbling for no reason. :)

    Thirdly, while this video does tell a bit of a story, it really wasn't my main goal. The song more than the footage was what drew me to do this project in the first place. It has always been a favorite of mine for its complexity, and I wanted to convey that in an AMV the best way I knew how, given my current tools and level of editing experience. This song evokes such great emotion in me whenever I listen to it, and I wanted the video to do the same, at least on some levels. I *think* I've achieved that - at least for me, so I'm happy.

    Anywho, please take a look and tell me what you think. You can refer to my profile in terms of what I desire in the 'ol feedback department. And I'll also gleefully trade op for op...just PM me or email me and let me know what vid of yours you'd like me to op in return. :)

    And without further's the list of programs that aided me in the making of this video:

    Video Capture: Virtual Dub and FRAPS
    Song Capture: Acoustica CD/MP3 Burner
    Video Editing, Compression & Export: Ulead Video Studio 9


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