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  • Member: Katt
  • Studio: Neko-chan Productions
  • Title: Haunted Babylon
  • Premiered: 2002-08-02
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    • Poe Haunted
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  • Comments: Well, this video was a headache and a half, but it's done and I'm proud of it. As soon as I heard this song, I knew I had to do something with it, and TB just seemed to fit.

    The general plot behind this video is, when Subaru and Sei-chan confront each other for the last time, Subaru reflects on the events that led to this moment; his sister, their past relationship, and how it all changed. And although I didn't change the ending that's given by the X movie, I added a little--why shouldn't these guys get a happy ending? Even if it's in the afterlife.

    I used the cross-fade much more than I would normally, but since the majority of this video is a flashback, it seemed appropriate. Most of the scenes in 'the present' hardly have any cuts at all, like I intended--it's like taking the scene straight from the X movie, but watching what's going on in Subaru's head at the same time. I didn't expect to have so many cuts during the flashbacks--especially during and immediately after the 'and I will always miss you' line, I'd expected to use hardly any cuts at all there--but it worked out very well, and I'm really happy with it.

    Although I love the way it turned out, actually finishing it was a complete pain. I put together the first 20 seconds in one sitting, and then didn't do any work on it for about a month as my ridiculously long Creative Slump set in--during which I did no editing, no drawing, no writing, nothing. (Interesting note--right in the middle of The Slump, I finished my TB Subaru cosplay, which I wore at Shoujocon and Otakon, and bought a TB manga. I really don't obsess over this series at all, but lately everyone's thinking I do... ^^;;) After The Slump, I finally got back to this video, and finished it--yay!--only to find that my video editor, for some reason, refused to produce the completed video. It took me about 20 tries to reason out which clips and transitions it had a problem with and try to work around it... after try #10, my computer completely died and had to be reformated. Luckily I managed to save the unfinished project and clips. Jeesh. Aaaaand, now that it's done--my angelfire page has been closed down. I considered submitting it to Yaoi-con, but wound up not. Sigh...

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