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  • Member: Infinity Squared
  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: Listen To Your Heart
  • Premiered: 2005-12-10
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    • DHT Listen to Your Heart (techno remix)
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    This video was completed more or less in the span of a day (a day and a half tops). And I'm not just talking about the whole editing process here. I'm talking from the time the concept was born, the choice of anime and music, editing, pre and post processing and final rendering. I guess from that day afterwards, I've done one or more different encodes of it just for different purposes, but essentially from its birth in my mind to the finish of a complete and ready to view product, it took the time of most of a day to finish it (continuous mind you, and I did sleep during that day).

    Now that that's over, you ask, "why the hell would you do that?"

    Simple answer, I had a deadline the following day. Wai-con (Perth, Australia) was closing its entries the very next day. This was not the video I had planned on sending them but due to that particular project being so much more grand and I got into Civilisations 3 once more in recent times, it ended up being nowhere near complete come the deadline. At the same time I didn't want to just send a video that I've already made before because Wai-con sort of has a special place for me because they were the first AMV competition that I won in.

    So in the end I just went, "screw it, sit down, edit and see what you come up with."

    Here she is... one of the very few Shakugan no Shana videos out there. I haven't actually checked out how good the other videos were, but I believe that this video was in the very least viewable enough if not entertaining. Primarily made to a trance/dance track, it focuses more on the energy of the show and I sort of twisted a bit some of the drama between Shana, Yuuji and Kazumi. I didn't go for too many elaborate plot twists or whatever thematic ingenuity so if I were you, I'd go in the mindset of watch for the purpose of seeing eye candy. And I hope at the very least, I made do with the quality of this video. I used raws all the way through but of course needed heaps of filtering to get the quality just right, and I think this video is comparable to some H.264 encodes of it out there (though it is in XviD, and is larger in size to one that would have been encoded in H.264).

    I'll end my rant there. I'll leave you to enjoy it.


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