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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Kaede is so hollow
  • Premiered: 2005-12-07
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    • James Blunt Goodbye my Lover
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  • Comments: EDIT : Will be available near December, 10th 2005

    EDIT 2 : I was faster than expected ! Enjoy ... and drop a tear for her ! ^^

    Amv based on episode 19 and 20.

    Shuffle! ...
    An anime I've started to watch because I didn't have better to do ...
    Characters were nice, but not excellent.
    Only the good overall graphics (and my testosteron ! ^^) keeps me watching this serie.
    18 episodes of half-sleeping ...

    Here came episode 19 ...
    ... and I took a gigantic slap in my face ! ! !

    Kaede, such a plain character during 18 episodes, litteraly explode the screen !
    Scenarist is (are?) genius !
    To give a realistic and dangerous reason for a person to devote herself to another one is truly excellent. There is a little from Lucy (Elfen lied) in Kaede, and it's probably why I like her so much now.

    It's a shame to have waited so many episodes to find this story's diamond. But it's probably to surprise more the audience, with a slow-paced trip ... ending on a mad rollcoaster !

    It's probably still too early to make an amv on Shuffle!, since the last episode will be aired on January 2006. Kaede may evolve again (to what ?). But my cliper's passion won over my reason ... ^^

    Kaede rules !
    I don't think she will end up with Rin, but i still hope she would find a way to go through. She's so sad, desesperately struggles her own feelings. She really merits, at least, a little consideration.
    That's why I decided to give her this tribute.

    (Yes, I know, it's only anime, and there is no way my tribute could reach her. But you know a story is really good when you can't do anything but root for a character, even virtual !).

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