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  • Member: You choose Sam,the rest
  • Studio: ^o^ Mog productions ^o^
  • Title: Final Fantasy Episode VIII: Reloaded
  • Premiered: 2002-08-01
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    • Matrix Reloaded Teaser Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: My god, look what I have done!!!

    Well this trailer was mainly done to fill in boredom and I always wanted to do a FF8 video, just to see how it would turn out.

    The idea to make this a trailer was simple enough, I couldn't get a workable song to FF8 and while a trailer has been done lots of time, how many are done to a video game? It was hard to think of a trailer that had barely any talking from the main characters so I was mainly looking for a silent trailer with just music. I manage to find two trailers that had no talking, this one and the first Star Wars teaser trailer "Breating". I could have used Breathing but opted for the more interesting trailer.

    I mainly decided to follow the speech Morpheus gives during the trailer. For the video I used mostly downloaded footage. Luckly, Silver_Moon and Sierra Lorna were so kind to send me some footage that I needed badly so special thanks to those two. Since Sierra complained about how I should how used some original text. I figured since both of them did help me alot I would add some original text using photoshop. Unfortunately, I was still learning how to use photoshop and couldn't get the text done so I asked my friend Torrent to help so very special thanks to him.

    This is the shortest thing I ever did at a total time of 4 Hours. It is a teaser so I sorta knew it would be a quick and easy video.

    So download it and enjoy, feedback would be nice.

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