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  • Member: BrennaCeDria
  • Title: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children--Another Mindless Action Video
  • Premiered: 2005-12-05
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    • Marilyn Manson Beautiful People
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  • Comments: Look, Mom! I didn't use Final Fantasy VIII this time!

    It's taken long enough, but I've finally made a successful switch from Final Fantasy VIII videos. Perhaps someday I'll get away from FF altogether, but not just yet. ^_~ Today I'm presenting today Final Fantasy VIII: Advent Children - Another Mindless Action Video.

    While I've started (and abandoned) my "fourth" video five or six times alone, this particular fourth video started Saturday night at about 9:30, and I've finished it now at 10:30am on Monday. Typically it takes me about 3-5 hours to make a video, but this one has taken nearly every moment since I started (minus sleep time) to get where it is. Unfortunately, it still has an enormous number of errors in spite of the supreme ass-kicking it's given me.

    With a few exceptions, I've split the song into (uneven) thirds: SHM interacting with Shinra/Turks; SHM interacting with the Geostigma children/the Chapel fight; and SHM/Sephiroth with Cloud. As I said, these divisions ARE uneven.

    I'm going to mini-op myself on this video; please if anyone else posting comments with an opinion could take the below into account it'd be appreciated. In other words, if you think a section deserves higher, lower, or equal to what I believe, please contrast it to what I'm giving myself in my own comments so I can make the most of it.

    Originality: 6
    It's not like I'm doing yet another FF8 video, but it is still Final Fantasy, and it's an action video at Advent Children at that. I only give myself higher than 5 because I couldn't find the anime/music combo listed already.

    Video Output: 5-6*
    While the movie lends itself very well to an action video, I still had to do speed changes in much of it, and Windows Movie Maker just doesn't like that. It's fuzzy in many places, it pixels in others, and these two problems actually interrupt some of my cuts in the editing.

    Audio Output: 7-8
    It's an MP3 I made from a friend's CD years ago, so while not bad it's also not great. It's been burned to a CD-R since I got it from that friend, and the disc is a little scratched.

    Edit/Action Synch: 6-7
    Serious points off on myself for the screwy cuts from what few effects I used, but I give myself back one or two for those almost accidental synchs that work just how I want. I did "picturebook" Sephiroth and the SHM at the beginning deliberately, however, along with the two frames of Bahamut in Midgar and various Geostigma frames in the Forgotten Capital.

    Lip Synch: 4
    Most of this is accidental, so it WON'T match. Only the part with Kadaj and the Geostigma children was intended.

    Effects: 6
    I would give myself higher, but all I did was speed ups/downs and a few fades--and what I did use messed up my video output quality. Not too effective, if you ask me.

    Effort: 8-9
    Simply because I feel this video has beaten me with a bat and I've been at it non-stop for days.

    Re-view: ?
    I'll leave this one to each of you to tell me.

    Overall: 6.5/7
    Because I really don't think it's as good as either of my "good" Final Fantasy VIII videos (but much better than my first video).

    Edit: The video should have been up by now but I made this entry while it was still converting to an actual movie file by windows. I'm having issues getting the full video saved properly (five seconds are missing each time) so it'll be uploaded as soon as I can get it working.

    Update: I'm changing my visual output self-score above by one point because the way I fixed my whole-file-not-saving problem involved screwing up the quality a bit more than it already was. There aren't any new cuts with problems, just more fuzziness than there was the first time.

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