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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Brandon Crawling In The Dark
  • Premiered: 2005-12-04
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    • Hoobastank Crawling In The Dark
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  • Comments: Hello there!!Christmas vacations are coming finally and I can find some time to make another mv.^_^
    But for now,this is what I have in stock.:D

    This GunGrave music video is my last project with Movie Maker 2.I finished it some days after I uploaded the "Anko and Noboru" music video but never found enough time to go to an Internet cafe to upload it.

    Concerning the video,it is basically an action character profile music video which focuses on Beyond The Grave and his efforts to destroy Millenium.It begins with Grave opening his eyes while all sort of memories flow into his mind.After it,we are coming across with his solitarity as he tries to find his purpose in the short life he's been given and as the song turns up,action begins with some breaks concerning his memories with Maria and his present with Mika.
    At 1:50 the video reaches its climax when Harry and Brandon face each other.To be continued in the video...^_^

    Although it is an action music video,I tried to pass the feelings of Grave in this video.Having to face his old friends and now enemies,from Bob Poundmax up to Kugashira Bunji,Brandon came across a lot of hardships,saw old comrades die in order to take revenge for Big Daddy and protect his daughter Mika,child of his love,Maria.But why?
    Is it really worth so much fighting for a memento(Mika) or for Big Daddy's ideals?
    Why has he been crawling in the dark so long looking for an answer?

    The answer is one.
    Protect is not to betray.For those who betray,only death awaits. (The Iron Law)

    So loyal as he is,Brandon fights despite his pain so as to protect Mika from Harry who took the wrong path and destroy Millenium who lost its ideals.However,in the end Brandon chose to follow another path.That of his good memories with Harry.Two friends forever...

    The song is overused in but fits perfectly with Brandon's life so I used it even though I don't like choosing overused songs for my amvs.
    This music video is a tribute to Typhoon Z who kept telling me to watch Gungrave.Without him,I would't have seen such a extraordinary anime.

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