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  • Member: Vancore
  • Studio: Vancore Studios
  • Title: The Wickity Wild West
  • Premiered: 2002-07-31
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    • Will Smith Wild, Wild, West
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  • Comments: To start off, this was basically a test video that I wanted to appeal to a vast audiance and not any particular person or taste. This was also the first video I made and I think I did a rather good job at making it too.
    Taking the anime Trigun and the song "The Wild Wild West" by Will Smith I created what I like to think of as, the Vash. At times goofy, at times serious I thought the "Wild Wild West" best captured who Vash was, in a silly sort of way. Throughout the song he dances, sings, and grooves with the song. It unfolds in a story-like manner. Vash stars as Jim West, Wolfwood as his partner, and Knives as Loveless. You see many of the opponents Vash faces (Mainly the ones who look like they belong in a western film) and some of the natives (You'll see).
    I also tried my best to filter out anything that may be a spoiler. There is no glamorous showing off of what Vash, Wolfwood, and Knives really can do. This also works to keep the AMV from getting too sci-fish and keeps it more western (The theme I was going for).

    It took me about 8 months to finish this video, and I think it shows nicely. Although like any AMV creator on this site I always look back and say "Now if I tweak that scene there, and fade that scene here. It'll be even better". As much as I would like to do that, after attending two Anime Cons I think I need to move on and try some other things for a change. Besides if this video can make runner-up for best Upbeat/Rythm even after the image quility was darkened and the song dulled because of a failing VCR (Long story, see below) then its defeniatly good enough to put up without any 'Improvements' . I mean besides better image quality and sound, which anybody who saw it at Otakon 2002 will see, although still not as clear as I'd like it too be.

    This being my first video and all I think I did a rather good job.

    -Travis R Mancour

    Was Runner-up in Otakon 2002's Upbeat/Rythm Catagory
    Won best Comedy in the MindWarp fall/winter 2002 Contest

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