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  • Member: Beef
  • Studio: Sakkaku Studios
  • Title: Dark Prey
  • Premiered: 2002-07-30
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  • Song:
    • Chemical Brothers The Replacement Killers
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  • Comments: This video was a "filler project" to eat up some time so I could get the rest of the Street Fighter 2V DVD's for Eye of the Tiger *remastered*, I did NOT think this series was worth making a video to due to its short length and lack of story but I needed something to do so.... here it is. The general idea I get from this video is "cool". Some people say it doesn't really follow a story, but I ask how can you make a video follow a story if you do it to an anime that doesn't really have a story? This video has a lot of special effects and follows Iya as she hunts vampires across the city. Please take the time to download and review this video. Thank you.

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