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  • Member: KagatoAMV
  • Studio: Studio Hybrid
  • Title: Phantom Somewhere
  • Premiered: 2002-07-30
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  • Song:
    • Vast Somewhere Else To Be
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: When I first heard this song, I knew it was just creepy enough to make a good video, if I could find the right source. The confusing and sometimes disturbing imagery of Boogiepop Phantom seemed to suit it very well.

    I used Specular Infini-D to create the opening titles. Its not the best 3D program in the world, I think the visible ray effect this software produces is inferior to software like lightwave and 3D Max. However, one must make do with the tools available. The sounds during the titles are actually part of the song, the sweeping light effect blended very well.

    I tried to match the sounds in the music with various visual queus and effects. The "thrum" sound with the fading zoom (in/out) was the third effect I settled on. The others were to busy to intigrate smoothly into the video.

    Never realized just how muted the colors are in Boogiepop Phantom until I stared at the footage for weeks. They also used a filter to distort the corners as well.

    Like "Just Another Day", this video didn't make the finals at AX2002, I submitted it to the Professional Awards at AWA 8, so it might see public viewing yet.

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