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  • Member: Warheart
  • Title: Iron Chef: Metal vs. Dance: Darkmoonfighter
  • Premiered: 2005-11-27
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    • Dee Dee Wonder Darkmoonfighter
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    Ok, this is the downfall of my career. I made an Eurobeat-AMV.

    So why the hell did I fall for this ? Well, as you might already have noticed this is an Iron-Chef-Video, but this was no ordinary IC. On our way to the Animecon 2005 in Almelo JCD came up with the funny idea to make an IC Metal vs. Dance. The main idea was that he'd provide me with a 2min Dance track and I'd give him a Metal track as exchange and then he'd have 24 hours like you have during an ordinary IC. So this is my video that came out. It's quite cheesy, but like you might know I'm not used to Eurobeat and it was a hell to edit alotough it was definietly fun.

    We started at 3:30 so I edited untill 0:00am with a short break in between to get some food and such things then I lost the last 20 secs of my video after I was already finished. Next day I got up at 8:00am and started to edit at 8:30am. I guess I finished it around 11:00am then I had some ordinary probs with export and compression thus I started uploading at 1:45pm. So I needed around 10 hours editing and ~22 hours in total *head statrs steaming*.

    So, enjoy my first Eurobeat video :O

    ... and don't forget to watch JCD's video. (Since his has got the better soundtrack)

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