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  • Member: Irish Lore
  • Studio: Sigh Co Studios
  • Title: -Upside Down-
  • Premiered: 2005-11-27
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  • Song:
    • Animorphs: Shattered Reality soundtrack Untitled
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  • Comments: Night-before-last ( today being November 27th, 2005 ) I discovered I had Windows Movie Maker on my computer. So I tinkered and this is what happened.

    I've ne experience, previous, in editing film. Despite that, I'm rather pleased with my creation.
    Six hours trying to learn all the tricks and things...
    My ' goal ' in the video, aside from being an experiment, was a world in my mind that Sauske loved Sakura, because I'm obviously a hopless romantic ^^;

    I only had a few Naruto episodes at my disposal and a very limited knowledge of the program...

    The song itself is one of my dear favorites, and despite the fact that I've tried my hardest to locate the singer and title of the song, I've found nothing. If I do find out later or someone else knows, I'mm definetly change my information. :}
    he song is the only vocal song on the soundtrack of ' Animorphs: Shattered Reality ', a game for Play Station. :}
    The intro song is Jerry Goldsmith's ' Blossoms ', from Disney's Mulan.

    Comments are appreciated. n_n
    Enjoy the video and thanks for taking the time to read all that D:

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