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  • Member: Aria Mournesong
  • Studio: Three-Star Studios
  • Title: My Obsession, My Torment
  • Premiered: 2005-11-26
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  • Song:
    • Nine Inch Nails Perfect Drug
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  • Comments: This is another anime I did at a friends request, since I'm a sadist and like the challenge of them picking a song/anime of their choice they want to see an AMV too.

    This time Saja picked Nine Inch Nails and Tenjou Tenge, which is automatically a challenge since Tenge is really just a generic action anime. Shifting through different NiN cds I finally found Perfect Drug and the Downward Spiral as two good choices and after listening to both of them all day Perfect Drug formed a concept in my head.

    "I'm afraid Maya, I'm afraid the fire will burn me."
    "Dont worry brother I'm with you."
    " my only light, you are my fire"
    - Shin & Maya Natsumi

    This AMV takes the concept of Shin's affections for his sister, the only person who he believed to keep the monster inside of him tame, and turns it into a dark obsession over her. In the AMV now he follows her every move and his mind is bent on her 24/7.

    Artistic Image Comments:
    The images of the burning butterflies presented throughout the AMV represent how both of them are slowly burning up in the fires of Shin's obsession. Shin through his constant persuing of his sister which causes a lost of his sanity, while the fire burns up his sister to the point that without him everything begins to fall apart with her as well.

    During the Black & White scenes the colored images that pop up are there on purpose. They are images of Shin & Maya at different point when they are together, during the peaceful B&W images the colored pictures represent them during times when Shin is stalking Maya. During the turbulent parts the images are reversed and show an image of them when they are happy together.

    The Ending I'll leave up to you to interpret. Those who have seen Tenjou Tenge will understand what happened but for those who don't I'll leave it it up to you :).

    Music Comments:
    My only complaint is that the just....ends. That has nothing to do with a bad cd track or anything this was a straight cd rip and the song literally ends as aburptly as you hear it.

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