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  • Member: RutKiskasca
  • Studio: Kiskasca Productions
  • Title: Kislany Vigyaz
  • Premiered: 2005-11-25
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    • Hungarian Techno Kislany Vigyaz
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  • Comments: Two videos in one month while deployed to Iraq. The war must be going slow. Actually, no. I am quite busy. I just stay up late instead of sleeping and edit. One of the hazards of editing here is the fact that Iraqi power is kind of a primitive three cycle 220v system, and the area we are in seems to be devoid of the practice of grounding...therefore, as the resistance increases on the circuit, I start getting mild to moderately painful electrical shocks through my wrists. Of course, that could just be a feature of Adobe After Effects.

    This video is a bit of a strange concept. First, I chose the video source, then the audio. I decided on Mezzo, but originally I had decided to go with System of a Down as an audio source. I decided after editing about half a video to a SOAD song with Mezzo that I had gotten into an aggro rut. This is a good opportunity to explain that my name is not pronouced like rut as in rut in the road. Its pronounced with a long U sound, like ROOT. Rut in Hungarian means Ugly. Kiskasca is actually a misspelling of Kiskacsa. Sca is pronounced like SKA. The word KISKACSA means little duck. Kis (pronounced KEESH) means little. Kacsa, pronounced Kah-cha, means duck. So, RUT KISKACSA means Ugly Little Duck. I just accidentally typoed the name Kiskasca when I registered my domain name, so it stuck that way.

    Ok, so who cares, right? Well, the name of this video is Kislany Vigyaz, which means "little girl watch out." The song is originally an old hungarian gypsy song that has been remixed into techno. Gypsys make techno now. It has not always been the case, of course. THe lyrics are pretty repetitive, with the exception of a really fast rap section. I'll get to that later.

    So, first the intro. I got a bit of editors block when I decided that the system of a down version was going to have to be put to death. So, in order to get my creative juices flowing, I just picked an audio file at random from my computer, which happened to be the theme song to Johnny Bravo. I immediately decided that I wanted to sync up as many of the zany cartoon sound effects as possible. Every sqeak and bonk and door slam and car horn and what have you needed to have some visual event associated with it. It took me about an hour to edit together the intro, and when I got to the end, I decided that I wanted to make it kind of like a television theme opening, as if the following video was a program that was about to come on. For this reason, you will see clips from the intro in the actual video, although I have done my best to visually alter them so that they appear drastically different from the intro section. I was going to put text credits throughout the intro, but I didn't want people saying, "That doesn't look anything LIKE the Johnny Bravo logo," because I was not trying to recreate Johnny Bravo. (Although on my computer, that video project is called Johnny Mezzo.)

    The experience of listening to Hungarian techno is a little weird the first time you do it. Kind of like the experience of going to your first techno club in Hungary. The lyrics are everything in this video. I am not going to translate the whole video for you, but I will teach you some Hungarian, and it will help you to get some of the timing of the video.

    Kislany (KEESH LANYEE) = Little Girl
    Vigyaz (VEEH YAZZ) = Watch Out
    Budgyi (BOO DYEE) = Panties

    The jist of the verse is "Little Girl, Watch Out..." "Watch out for your panties"
    The jist of the chorus is "I was watching out, but I still swallowed the fly (got pregnant)"

    The first part of the video is meant to look a little like sirens going off, like a threat to the budgyi is imminent. The seizure inducing section next is just pure techno beat and flash sync. I had told myself that I was not going to make another effects video. So, the only thing to do was to totally violate that as huge as I could right away, once I figured out that it is impossible to make a techno video without using effects...especially if you are stupid enough to use Adobe After Effects as your primary editing software. So, that got the lying about using effects fully out of the way. I used photoshop as well, of course, to fully complete the travesty.

    Then, you get to hear the song in it's full glory. Nothing much special there, except that I was trying to introduce the concept that the little girl meets and idolizes Mikura, who spends the rest of the show telling her to stay away, because there's nothing but danger and trouble in Mikura's company. Not exactly the same kind of danger she would face in a club full of young hungarian or turkish men wanting to get into her budgyi, but danger, nonetheless. At the end, the song says, I was watching out, but I still swallowed the fly, and it shows the little girl dressed up like Mikura, ready for danger.

    The next section is a repeat of the chorus, with a heavier techno beat, and it is supposed to look kind of like its from inside a hungarian techno club...with the flashing lights and thumping bass. This dumps out into your typical pulsating flashy flicker techno sync section that must be in every techno video ever, except in mine I made it speed up and then slow down with the sound of the ramp wave at the end, ending with the bowling ball hitting the guys head on the sound of the bell.

    Then, its into the fight scene drum break section, where I started to do a big mask sync, but decided I had done that in my last two videos, so screw that. I went with more simple, in order to modulate the busy sections and the singing sections a bit.

    THe final section is all lyric sync, and wont look as cool to you unless you understand what they are saying in Hungarian. Watch out for your panties comes up right as the thug jams his hand down Mikuras panties, and right before she jams her hand into his schnoz. The sequence ends with the sound of the television being turned off, and that's the end of the show.

    Since I did it like a television show, with a long ass intro, I decided that it was important to do an ending credits clip, and of course that has to be equally as long. I was going to use the System Of A Down song that I was originally planning for the video, but I decided on the Mr Bungle clip because I tried to host a video competition with Mr Bungle clips on the forum, and the deadline was today, and I didn't get any submissions, so I decided, by god, someone is releasing a music video with Mr Fucking Bungle in it today, and that's that.

    There are some surprise lip sync sections in this video, which will, again, be cooler if you understand the Hungarian Language, mostly because of the complex vowel and consonant combinations that are in the words. You can't hear some of the silent letters in there, but I put them in the lip sync. And no, that isn't just an excuse for crappy lip sync to make you think I'm springing some hidden multi lingual genious on you...I really do rock that hard.

    All together, I spent about two and a half uninterrupted days on this video, including the intro and ending credits. It has over two thousand clips in it, so I had to render it in four chunks to keep After Effects from crashing. Many thanks as always to Zero1 and Trythil and Godix for their advice on encoding, and to Icy Cloud of AquaSky productions for her help with the avs scripts. She really helped me get the thing dialed in tight.

    I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it. If you don't like the video, then at least you can get a kick out of the intro. I dont care who you are, that shit is funny.

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