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  • Member: You choose Sam,the rest
  • Studio: ^o^ Mog productions ^o^
  • Title: Evangelion Episode 1: Return of the Angels
  • Premiered: 2002-07-27
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  • Songs:
    • John Williams Qui-Gon's Noble End
    • John Williams The Battle of Yavin
    • John Williams The Hologram / Binary Sunset
    • John Williams The Rebel Fleet/End Title
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  • Comments: Well, these 2 clips were just mainly done because of boredorm.

    I also thought the music in Evangelion wasn't scored well and I didn't like how some of the moments in Eva were wasted because of it so I got 2 clips of my fave parts of the whole series and added some new background music to give it a more movie feel.

    The first link is from episode 2 of Evangelion. Its starts from where Misato picks Shinji up at the hospital and has a stare down with his father. The clips ends about the time where he makes it to her apartment.

    The second link is from the last minutes of Episode 6. This scene alway reminded me of the Death star run and I just wanted to see how the whole scene would play out if the music was changed.

    This isn't much of a video but I like it and some feedback would be nice.

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