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  • Member: doughboy
  • Title: Iron Chef Tournament v2.0 - Round 2
  • Premiered: 2005-11-19
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    • Los Amigos Invisibles Mango Cool
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  • Comments: Here lies my entry for this contest that was created within a 2 hour editing period. I was assigned Ranma 1/2 Season 2 (box set) DVD 1 out of a possible list of 5 DVDs and the song I hadn't heard until 15 min before the match. Quite a ball-buster and brain-melter for sure, especially with this being an instrumental song and not having any guidelines to edit along besides some important beats here and there. Didn't help that my "opponent" was Zarxrax, as I knew this could prove to be a tough match to win... and he squeezed out the victory in the end.

    I'm actually pretty surprised at the end result, as it was all thrown together quickly with a lot of subconscious clip decisions that I wasn't aware of until watching the piss outta it later that evening. I had rendered previews in Premiere but those didn't really give me a sense of how things were flowing or how the timing was since I couldn't watch it full screen. I think overall mine was skillfully manipulated, despite it's simplicity, and I recognize the execution above my competitor's video. I can easily concede that his fit better thematically, more so attributed to luck considering he had naughty clips to pair with "porn riffs." I had little luck in this competition due to getting two instrumental songs in a row. ;P

    Ranma is a very dirty looking source that I knew full well about when I put it on my list, but thankfully AVISynth proved a very capable tool for cleaning it up and hiding it's true grotesque appearance. I've never had to color-correct, use complicated IVTC techniques, and play with sharpening sensitivities quite like this before, so it was certainly well worth the experience. I owe the IVTC method to Zarxrax, as he shared some scripting with me that worked quite well with hiding the awful telecine problems present in the Ranma source. I tried a bunch of alternatives just to be sure it was the way to go, but no others were worth using. The downside to all of this wonderful scripting was the render times, I've before never had to sit through 1-8 frames per second rendering.

    This video is also the first released thing I've done in Premiere Pro, something I'm still trying to learn since it's very different from 6.0 and has a lot of great features I've previously used in After Effects. I only wish I'd spent a tad bit more time learning it, so I could've responded with some more complex layering and possibly some effects (provided they served a purpose).

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