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  • Member: Meilin1
  • Studio: MeilinII Productions
  • Title: Just One Chance
  • Premiered: 2005-11-17
  • Categories:
    • Drama
    • Fun
    • Other
    • Romance
    • Sentimental
    • Serious
  • Song:
    • Hoobastank Just One
  • Anime:
  • Comments: A video by me and Sakura-Chan

    First Off:
    Yes, this is SoraxRiku. Itís Shonnen-Ai. Donít like it, you have 2 choices:
    A: ignore the hints, or
    B: donít watch.
    Whatever you do, donít flame. Iíll laugh at you with many friends.

    You canít very well explain how the relationship came to be without including key characters like Mickey, Namine, Ansem, Axel, DiZ, the anonymous Blond Haired Kid (Now known as Roxas) and of course Kairi, so thatís why theyíre there.

    Sakura-Chan and I did our best with this, and edited it as new footage became available, so please LEAVE AN OPINION!
    We know the quality sucks, but in our defense, we only have WMM.

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