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  • Member: kitsunebeolnet
  • Studio: Streamliner Studios
  • Title: Boom goes the dynamite
  • Premiered: 2005-11-16
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    • Bob Rivers PMS
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  • Comments: This is another idea I toyed with for more than a year. The combination was obvious...maybe too obvious for some people; But what the heck, I think its funny.

    The reason for the long delay though was the success of Naru-85. I tend to frown a bit when I see other creators crank out video after video to the same anime. I wanted to put a few more videos under my belt between Naru and this and avoid the stigma of being a 'one trick pony'.

    I had several other title ideas floating around...'The Naru Cliche Video' was the one I thought of the most. 'Dedicated to >my< wife' became a contender when momzilla made the weekend hell while I was working on this. (And it was also a nod to Godix.) The title 'Boom goes the dynamite' is a running gag now in sports...especially on college campuses. Its also a reflection of Naru's explosive temper and the song, 'PMS' is a parody of AC/DC's 'TNT'.

    Thanks to Orwell for previewing the rough draft and making suggestions for improvment.

    Best Comedy and Best of Show - Anime Punch 2006

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