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  • Member: Kisanzi
  • Studio: ScoobsNet Studios
  • Title: Vengeful Discord
  • Premiered: 2005-11-15
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  • Song:
    • Reveille Inside Out
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  • Comments: And here it is, my new vid! This one is a flat out, high tension action vid. I had alot of fun and I also learned alot while making this one. Initially this was the first AMV I was ever going to make, but once I had it mapped out and ready to edit I had no idea how to do most of the things that I wanted to attempt. So the idea got shelved for months until recently I came to an unexpected delay of time on the dance vid I've been working on for the last 3 months. So with the spare month and a half I had before I could resume progress on my dance vid I needed something else that I wanted to make. And thats how this came to actually being made.

    I've got to admit that this vid came out nothing like I had planned. When I started the idea was pretty cut and dry with fast cuts and transitions and such. But after getting a peak of curiousity I began experimenting with the blending masks and layers and after so many hours I developed some very stylish overlay masks and techniques. And once I got rolling with that the effect ideas and beat sync just started flowing.

    The concept of this vid is a bit deeper than other Scryed vids out there. It shows not only the tension and rivalry between Kazuma and Ryuho, but also the elements and losses that fuel thier rage. So along with the mass amounts of action are bits of memories and story that rectify their hatred for each other.

    I chose "Inside Out" by Reveille because this is one of the only songs I've heard that can come close to expressing the grit and tension of the anime. The song deals alot with rivalry, revenge and the fixation to extend past normality for more strength. I think that it fits with Scryed perfectly.

    Well, to close things up here. I hope that everyone finds this vid to be as intense as I do and I'm very anxious to hear your thoughts and reactions! So even if you don't want to leave an opinion, just jot down a short quick comment with what you think and I'd really appreciate it! Hope you enjoy the vid!

    Song Lyrics:

    Tell me what I'm supposed to feel because I cant feel this
    Sick and tired and it's all the same
    Too much, different day, all day different day
    Wish you were perfect?
    Well welcome to your fifteen minutes of fame
    Come get it while it's hot
    You want it, we got it, come get it now
    Can you feel me now?
    Tell me how I'm supposed to feel for you when all you do is hold me down
    Told me I'm nothing, well tell me what you're thinking now?
    So back off

    Never more alone than all alone
    I don't know where the hell I am
    But they say there's a price to pay for asking questions
    So I'm guessing and ending up where I began

    I never got a second look before now
    I was the one that you'd ignore
    Now turn yourself inside out
    Come on
    Can you feel me now?

    Tell me what I'm supposed to feel because I can't feel this
    Hollowed out and you wonder why?
    Too much, not enough, slow down, pick it up
    Genuine adrenaline keeping me high, so high
    So walk your walk, talk your talk
    But as far as I can see
    On the inside out you're about as ugly as me
    Except now I'm fit to knock you down
    Tell me I'm nothing?
    Tell me what you're thinking now?

    Tell me what I'm supposed to feel for you
    Turn yourself inside out
    Take a closer look inside
    I think that you deserve yourself

    Title match, main ring
    No time to rethink
    You swin or you sink
    You want it, we got it, come get it

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