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  • Member: JenCM18
  • Studio: Rose Crystal Studios
  • Title: Chobits-Avril Lavigne- Mobile
  • Premiered: 2005-11-14
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  • Song:
    • Avril Lavigne Mobile
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  • Comments: 51st amv.

    Iím happy to finally finish this amv and I am very proud of it Iíve had this idea for a long time just never had all the episodes to make it but when I finally got all the episodes I needed I was able to finally edit this idea =)

    My amv is basically about Chi and Hideki and what happens to them along the way. Itís pretty much self explanatory while watching it. I just hope itís not confusing to some people.

    Iíve spent a month and a half editing this amv but Iím not really sure I didnít keep track but I know itís been a long time. I put a lot of effort into it and itís the 1st Chobits amv that I have made. To me it is hard trying to find the right song for Chobits. And the only Chobits amv with this song. I'm really shocked no one has used it yet. It fits Chobit's so well.

    Effects: Keyframes [Brightness/Contrast, Gaussian Blur, Saturation,] Fades, only a few white flashes with a white image, Zoom out at the end.

    Programs Used: Adobe premiere 6.0, Adobe Photoshop 7
    Footage: Ripped from the DVDs
    Codec: Xvid [Divx Compatible]
    Resolution: 640*352

    I hope everyone enjoys my video and to please leave quick comments or opinions after seeing it. Feedback is very much appreciated and I always reply to all the opinions I get.

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