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  • Member: sayde
  • Title: The Premonition
  • Premiered: 2005-11-14
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    • Castlevania: Symphony of The Night Festival of Servants
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  • Comments: Among the many advent children amv's that have and will be released, I'm hoping this one will stand out as the one that makes your head spin. In this AC amv, I was trying to create an EXTREMELY fast paced trailer that gives you a brief overview of all the action the movie has to offer. There is a story to it, and admittedly it only serves as a cause to the action. It's simple enough and really needs no explaining so long as you understand what the word "premonition" means and you pay attention to the ending. Another thing I'm happy to point out is that there are no spoilers in this! (yay!) For example, I tried to stay away from many of the clips people are famous for using that give away the endings of a couple fights.

    Perhaps the only original factor of this amv is the song I used. Regardless of whether you all feel it fits or doesn't, the fact remains that as of now, no one else has used this song on this site (Which I find is surprising considering how popular the ost is amongst various video gamers).

    I tried my hand at using some of Adobe Premieres' special effects but I did'nt go overboard. I really only used effects throughout 3 parts of the amv. It was really hard to incorporate special effects at all because IMO, they weren't needed to begin with. The clips I used combined with the fast paced music already produced exactly what I wanted. It's just that I could'nt forgive myself if I did'nt try and use some effects with this song. So overall, I hope you viewers feel the special effects if nothing else, took away from the amv.

    Lastly, I apologize in advance for the divx logos. I would've taken them out, but then it would've messed up the aspect ratio. So it was either one or the other.

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