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  • Members: Verses, Kumori Shinpi
  • Studio: K & K Studios
  • Title: Faerie Dust
  • Premiered: 2005-11-07
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Iron Savior Never Say Die
    • Rammstein Buch Dich
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is our latest video to date [Released 11/9/05]. Took us a good month to come up with the story line and main concept of the video itself. Editing/making the AMV took us a good week, being that we only work on them maybe ~2 hours a day or more. This video probably took us the longest in creating because of all the beats within the song, having all the fades and flashes come exactly where they should. Though in all, it was a fun video to make, so we didn't mind with all the set backs.

    Yukikaze is one of our top favorite animes, so one might say that was our motivation.. Wanting to make a worthy video for other Yukikaze fans out there. All'n all the AMV matched up well with the song (Never Say Die by Iron Savior) The background sound effect of the jets' rawr as they soar through the sound barrior was in the song and everything, so that made it easier too.

    Iron Savior - Never Say Die Lyrics

    I am your leader
    I'm in command
    The fate of all my followers
    Lies in my hand

    The burdon of what is right or wrong
    Decisions have to be made
    I have to take you all
    Inside this burning gate

    Will we ever come back
    Follow me now
    We will attack

    Never say die
    On wings of hope we'll fly
    Never surrender
    No never - never say die
    Dragons of light
    We're leaving tonight
    The wings of hope bring us high
    Never say die

    Fighters are launching up into the sky
    On fire they ride
    Goddess of fate
    Guide and protect us tonight

    Into darkness and shadow
    So far beyond
    Oh, I don't know
    If there will be tomorrow

    Never say die...

    Warriors hear my call
    The Evil has to fall

    [SOLO Piet - Kai - Piet - Kai - both]

    Will we ever come back
    We're going beyond
    Follow me now
    We will attack
    Never say die...

    Never say - never say - never say die!

    PS: We always like to read what AMV viewers think of our videos. Please feel free to give us comments about this AMV and any of our other works.

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