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  • Member: dbz_gurlz89
  • Title: This Eye of HELL
  • Premiered: 2005-10-30
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    • Day of Fire Through the Fire
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  • Comments: Dont pass this oppotunity up! Even if you've never heard of this anime or you dont know that plot line, that's fine. This is a video for everyone to enjoy.

    Footage (DVD)
    I ripped my own dvds that I had and put it to the music. Its not bad at all, Theyre are some parts that are fuzzy but its not like a rating of 3-6 on Visual on the opinions. Its actually came out very well.

    Day of Fire - Most people havent heard of this band, Neither have I until I download "Searching" by Sierra Lorna. So this was my inspiration. After that I went to Napster and downloaded the whole album. I favored this song "Through the fire" because it was kinda a parody of Muraki and I love the guitar sync with the song. Will this song make you a fan? It did to me.

    Muraki is a doctor who has an obsession with Hisoka in the beginning because he killed him which is why he is alive again because he and Tsuzuki are part of the Summons Section of the Judgment Bureau as Gaurdians of Death. They lead people to heaven or hell or help people get to the other side, or prevent death from someone who doesnt need it. Muraki Causes most of the disasters in this show.
    This video shows from when you first meet Muraki into how he died. Or did he? hmmmm

    Walk in the flame again,
    Iíll be there to hold your hand,
    Keeping you safe until the end
    And when the flood begins,
    Iíll be there with you to stand,
    Walking in faith until the end

    I see you through the flood,
    See you through the fire,
    See you through the storms-a-raging

    Walking the darkest rain
    I cover you by my name,
    A shelter inside your world of pain
    Step on the waters waves
    Coming to me by faith
    I am the light of better days


    I see you through the flood,
    I see you through the fire,
    I see you through the storms are raging

    Donít be afraid
    Iíll never leave you lying
    Forever yours

    Forever yours
    Forever yours I am

    I see you through the flood,
    See you through the fire,
    See you through the storms-a-raging

    This video is a Remastered Version
    The original I had not to long ago was "meh..."

    Yes Yes I know, I should of added lip sync to the catergories in opinion but oh well, that you for telling me that I did a great job with lip syc though. Much appreciated ^_^

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