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  • Member: kitsunebeolnet
  • Studio: Good Beaver Gone Bad Productions
  • Title: Not another angsty, Naruto effects video
  • Premiered: 2005-11-03
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    • The Frantics Boot to the head
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  • Comments: ************WARNING!!! THIS AMV CONTAINS VIOLENT MATERIAL!!!**********
    *******************VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!!!*******************

    This is another of my 'AMV in the raw'...NO effects, no transitions, no overlays. Just me, my fansubs and my editing trusty Ulead Video Studio 6SE and Virtualdub.

    Yes, thats right, I used the f-word...FANSUBS! Fansubs don't mean you have to have crappy footage OR annoying subtitles if you know how to read the guides and edit them out.

    Thanks to Godix for the title suggestion. Also special thaznks to JaddziaDax, Sub0 and Orwell for downloading the rough draft and making suggestions for improvment.

    I intentionally cranked the video quality down a notch to keep the file size small. Due to the content of the AMV, I wanted to be ready in case I have to find my own hosting.

    My apologies if I've offended anyone's sensibilities with the violence in this video. Please remember that its all in fun. No animated characters were permanatly maimed in the editing of the AMV.

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