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  • Member: kashaar
  • Title: Advent Hero
  • Premiered: 2005-11-02
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    • Darren Hayes Hero
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  • Comments: My first AMV, done for another AnimeMusicVideos member, MinaChan. This one's for you, hun! :)

    I'd seen a few AMVs online or at cons, but when I heard this song I knew I HAD to try my hand at it. Then I found out how much work really goes into them.;) Gah. My original thought had been to use Inuyasha footage, but when I saw the Advent Children movie I felt it would work better. An obscene amount of time and effort later, learning about a million things I'd never even thought of like aspect ratio and frame rates, figuring out from scratch how to use the tools...well, I finally had something somewhat presentable. MinaChan suggested I upload it here so that others could (hopefully) enjoy it -- it's a nice way to say "thanks" for the great guides, useful tools, and wealth of information available through this site! I -really- couldn't have done this otherwise!

    Primary tools used were VirtualDubMod/AviSynth and Adobe Premiere Pro. Distribution codec is Xvid.

    On the details side, I tried to "tell a story" with the video which, while not necessarily central to the Advent Children storyline, does somewhat parallel Cloud's development. I made limited use of crossfades and black/white outs (relying instead on straight cuts and editing tricks), as I was trying to go light on the digital effects -- it's waaaay too easy to overdo these, and as I'm a novice at this, I think I'm better off minimizing their use for now. There is one attempt at lip sync at 1:12, made even more difficult by the fact that these aren't really "cartoons", but I don't think one sync is enough to flag this one as "Lip Sync" under technical details. Overall, tried to match the scenes to the beat and to the lyrics of the song...actually kept a textfile open with the lyrics in front of me while editing, so I could remember what was being said at that point in the song.

    Too many things that I like about this one, so rather than babble them all, I'll let the viewers discover them for themselves. I hope you all enjoy it!

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