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  • Member: Reha666
  • Title: Death, Come Near Me
  • Premiered: 2005-11-01
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  • Song:
    • The Vision Bleak A Shadow Arose
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  • Comments: Well, what should i say, that's my contribute to Halloween ;-)
    and i hope your will like it.

    I think that "The Vison Bleak" have many songs which could fit very good with Hellsing,
    but the intro wos the best i think.

    I don't know anymore how long i was working for this vid,
    but it was longer than for my first four videos ^^

    so enjoy ^^

    ~~~ LYRICS ~~~
    Since the beginning of time there was darkness
    and with darkness came fear.
    Through the slumber of aeons
    it could never be undone.
    The dark, the wicked and sinister dwells in all of our minds
    and now the stars are right
    to welcome the grand representatives of horror in this time and age.

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    the portals of darkness are open
    and the dead hunt over the Earth
    Here comes: The Vision Bleak

    His breath fills the night,
    the shadow arose!
    No one by my side

    No place to hide,
    No road to flee,
    the seed of the night,
    sent from the sea (2x)

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