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  • Member: Ray Stanz
  • Studio: Games AMV Faction
  • Title: DBZ Cell Saga
  • Premiered: 2001-00-00
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  • Songs:
    • Limp Bizkit Take a Look Around
    • Linkin Park Crawling
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is the first AMV Iīve ever created. I already tryied uploading it a year ago but I couldnīt because itīs too big and just had ISDN that time. Now I got DSL Flat bla bla bla...
    So this is my video I finished round the end of 2001 and the beginning of 2002. It took me really much what you can recognize via the bad quality it has. Those where really hard times when I made the video because I used a web cam to capture a lot of DBZ Episodes for my Video.
    At that time I had a Pentium 2 with 350 MHZ and a 6GB Haddrive. I tried to make a really touching AMV that shows the Characters Emotions fit to the music. I donīt know how long I worked on that video but as I remember it was really Huge before because I rendered it in mpeg so it had aproximately 350 megs.


    I tied to make the fist part showing current happenigs like the characters getting killed by cell and the second part was to have a lot of tension because it was one of the biggest DBZ fights ever. The video could have also been called Vegeta and/or Son Gohan tribute because of the scenes but itīs about all the DBZ characters. Thats what I tried to show in the end because everyone is fighting Cell to beat him. I showed the emotions of rage when Chester is sounding like he is very angy at: So insecure. And then I showed the hard guitar riffs to the big punchs kicks etc. My editing of this Video was more theme based so there isnīt much synched to beats just the really "hard" things of the song have something like a climax but I tried to show the normal lyrics as happenings and the Chorus as fighting. To the last "Insecure" I wanted to show a really furios Krilin that is makiing a firedisk that is also destroying cities. Some scenes can also be seen as lyp sync but that happened just accidentally. The last minute of my AMV was to have the most tension because that was the climax of the CEll saga and also of the song so I really enjoyed making the video because everything looked at least how I wanted it to be and the quality doesnīt disturb me because I can recognize my video and I thing itīs not difficult to recognize it :).

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