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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Anko and Noboru
  • Premiered: 2005-10-30
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    • Natalie Imbruglia Wrong Impression
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  • Comments: The history behind this video:
    Throughout my time at I made some friends that I'll most likely never be able to meet in person(different countries).One of them and also the only one to give an opinion to every music video I have made is Arkena.
    As thanks for her concern,I asked to dedicate her a GTO music video,since she said that it's one of her favorite animes.Talking about favorite pairs,she said she was a fan of the Anko-Noboru pair...just like me!!

    So,this tribute is dedicated to her.A tribute to two characters who had a very werd beginning but their relationship progressed very well,especially in the manga.
    Anko,a spoiled arrogant girl in the beginning,is transformed to a sweet girl showing feelings for a boy who was her at first.This boy was Noboru,a game geek,a helpless and weak person who tried twice to commit suicide and was saved both times from Onizuka.In his personality,he found the courage that was missing from him.This helped him to withstand Anko's pranks and to save her from a very dangerous situation they were involved.
    After this,Anko changed her feelings for him and the romance begins even though Noboru doesn't realise it.The rest in the video...

    Concerning the video,I used some scenes with subtitles but didn't mute the voices of characters.Enjoy both the song and Anko's sweet voice!!
    Only scenes you get to see is with Anko and Noboru(there are only 2 scenes of Onizuka).There are shots from the manga also.If I didn't put them,then the video would have no meaning!!

    The song used is Wrong Impression by Natalie Imbruglia.Although the lyrics don't fit a lot,I believe that as a whole,music and scenes make a good combination for a romance music video!!As an ending,I used some shots from the manga and a part of Blink 182's .

    Well,Arkena and everybody else who downloads it,hope you like it.
    The specific anime pair is my second favorite behind Chidori and Sousuke so a tribute for them was a must for me!!

    ps:Well,some of you may be wondering why I make tributes to every character of GTO.I also wonder...

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