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  • Member: Rurounikeitaro
  • Studio: Video game
  • Title: Bleach - Omaesan
  • Premiered: 2005-10-28
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    • Shenmue Tranquil Song
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  • Comments: Here's my latest AMV, Bleach - Omaesan

    Omaesan is Japanese for "you" in English

    Bleach - Omaesan potrays Ichigo's wanting and high determination to save Rukia from the people of Soul Society and her death. I always wanted to create an AMV that relates the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia and I was finally able to do it.

    This AMV is my second all Vegas 6.0 AMV "no premiere this time" and is also my second sentimental Bleach AMV after Bleach - Ageku. I did not make this AMV thinking "effects, effects" like I did in Bleach - Ageku or at least Cold Ninjaz. I am just trying to show the story of Ichigo's relationship with Rukia in the best way possible. Some effects are in the AMV and I think they fit it right without being too little or too much.

    I used the Shenmue song called "Tranquil Song" from the game Shenmue and was a little surprised cause I'm the first one to use it on It's such a beautiful song and I decided to use it for this AMV the moment I heard it. I really like how there is no singing in it helping me create and potray directly the story I want people to see. I do also have the Shua Hua vocal version but it's in Japanese meaning not too many people will understand "including I" what she's saying and she is not singing about saving someone "I looked up the english lyrics".

    Overall, I think this video is very nice and pleasant to watch preferably with the volume turned up or headphones on. The Shenmue song can really get the AMV into you if you let it. I hope you'll like it.

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