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  • Member: dj_ultima_the_great
  • Title: Singled Out
  • Premiered: 2005-10-26
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  • Song:
    • Chevelle The Red
  • Anime:
  • Comments: My fourth music video.

    Let's see if I can't shorten this from my normal comment length...

    About the games...I used 'em cuz I liked 'em. I tried to get scenes from every game I had played, although the number I have within the video is nowhere near the number I've played. At the time, Silent Hill 3 wasn't even out, but I ended up using a clip from it anyway. Some games only appear for one clip, and others appear for more, but I really don't think I went overboard on any one game.

    About the music...I first heard this song while playing badminton in gym class. I liked it, but didn't know what it was. My best friend informed me that it was "The Red," but she forgot the artist. So, I went a-searching and located the piece. I found out that the artist was Chevelle. I ended up not liking much of their other music, but this piece stood out to me. So, wanting a new song for my next project, I rolled with it like a Katamari, picking up game clips as I went.

    About the editing...just straight beat sync here. Only one fade at the very end. Keep in mind that this was my fourth video and not the greatest. I did have the bizarre instance of internal beat sync at times. Don't ask me how I planned that, but I did. I know it wasn't an accident. As for the straight cuts, I do think I synced on the beat fairly well. It was a slower sort of sync, where I only hit the important beats and sort of avoided the lesser ones. This video gives off a more powerful feel to it, in my eyes. Lyric sync is decent, if requiring a bit of interpretation at times.

    About the quality...yeah, it sucks. Tell me something I don't know. I couldn't even upload this 'til inthesto helped me to get it in working order. Anyway, it's my fourth video - a pretty old one - so I hadn't gotten the hang of quality issues yet. I'm sorry for that. I would like to redo this one someday - same clips, slightly fixed sync, better quality.

    What people have said...most seem to think that this is one of my better videos. Despite how old it is, I'm inclined to agree. This video, in particular, has earned a fond place in my heart. Maybe it's because of the hell I went through putting it together. I do get complaints about a clip choice or two occasionally, but nothing major. Of course, this is where you come in. Drop me a comment - a quick comment, if nothing else. ^_~

    I'm going to take a moment to thank inthesto, since he's been helping me with my technon00bness lately. Thanks, love. At least you don't charge like Zarx. :p

    Also, thanks to pinky, cuz she always earns a place in my thanks. ^_^

    Anyways...I think that's all. Oh! I almost forgot...

    As always, Farewell, Good Luck, and Happy AMV-ing!

    - Jen

    PS: now that wasn't so long...shorter than usual...

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