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  • Member: Minhuit
  • Studio: M&M
  • Title: A Sinners Prayer
  • Premiered: 2005-10-24
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    • My Ruin Horrible Pain
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  • Comments: ::MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS::

    I know everyone is against Hiei and Mukuro being paired as a couple. But I love it! In some fanfictions that i write you can see this, as they are married at one point. People say Mukuro is ugly and cruel but deep down she really cares, and this video is from her view point. On how she admires from afar, wishes she could have him. Then finally is able to hold him close to her in his defeat Not only does she get to hold him but later she gets to peer at his entirty as a whole. Not sure what she was thinking about but everyone should get a feeling at what it was...

    Anyway enough of that. This video is about four minutes long and has a very few digital effects. For one reason, I dont like them. Fade in, fade outs are a different story though but I wouldnt call that advanced skill. At the start of the video I used the beat but once the lyrical vocals began I dropped that for a much better eye candy...Hiei!

    I play with the vocals, sync the clips with them. But I put myself into Mukuro's shoes and this IS her point of view, or how I look at it, or want to it to be...we all know Hiei would never admit it. He refused to tell Yukina that he was her brother! From three twenty two to four minutes, the fast paced music-without-lyric solo follows the major question a girl has to ask when dealing with a major crazed killer, is he crazy enough to chop off my hands!? The question is never really answered unless youve seen the fight between Mukuro and Hiei. She beats him down so easily that there is no way for him to chop her hands off unless she was sleeping...but just face it they make a wonderful pair! Ok...back to the topic...since it does follow this the clips I use show the more deadly side of Hiei. The one of his sword slashing flame throwing madness comes out!

    And oh yes...this was a whole bunchies of fun to save! Took forever cause I have a horrible program for one and two I have a crappy labtop. The quality is great though, no problem there.

    One quick note. The image I used for the credits is something I edited and made. The original is from the credits of the Yu Yu Hakusho episodes in which Kurama was in the shadows. In my fan based crazed attitude I replaced Kurama with Mukuro. Added tons of effects, played with the shadow and tints, saturations, contrasts. It turned out rather well Iam pleased! By the way the program I used for the image was Macromedia fireworks MX 2004 for some of you photoshop junkies. The song is Down for the Count by Bowling for Soup. Hehe...a reverse to the actual thought of the video. Where Hiei is postioned for a brief moment as he eyes Mukuro.

    PS: Beware the song has cursing in it, not major only twice.

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    Simple; you opinion I opinion, everyone leaves happy. ^.^

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