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  • Member: BunofGovt
  • Title: Reflection of Mr 2
  • Premiered: 2005-10-22
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    • Michael Crawford Reflection (Mulan)
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  • Comments: Focus is on Mr 2, one of my favorite characters from One Piece.

    About two weeks in the making. Used iMovie, then followed Kirinís Guide to making amvs with iMovie to convert to an .avi file rather than a .mov. There is a lot A LOT of lip movement in this, but I intentionally lip syncíed only one sequence. Most of the rest was accidental, and thereís extra lip flap throughout. Only effects are overlapping scenes, sped up one scene to fit, and slowed two scenes down.

    This was for a Character Profile contest, Iíve no idea how well Iíve accomplished that, but this was a lot of fun to work on and Iím happy with the result.

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