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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Title: Trip At The Brain
  • Premiered: 2002-08-30
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    • Fishbone Post Cold War Politics
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  • Comments: In the case of Shin Hatsubai video #35, "Other" should be read as "Totally Fucking Whack". Episode 20. That's all there is, plus a little less than a minute of Dixieland On Drugs from one of the most underrecognized rock-reggae fusion bands of the last 15 years.

    This was indirectly inspired by a video I saw a long time ago setting episode 20 (from which all the clips in this bizarro montage are taken) to "Insomnia" by Megadeth. I discovered this little Dixie march from Fishbone's first album around the same time as the full insanity of ep 20, and it eventually floated up as a weird little vid to do if I had some spare time. When I did, it turned out even weirder than I had projected.

    This vid was entered for competition at Anime FEST 2002. Hopefully the positive message (DON'T SMOKE CRACK) at the end will counterbalance the whispered "Shit!" just before and get it out into general competition.

    Shin Hats Self-Grade: A-. Despite patchy video fidelity, you can't not like this vid. I may even remake it if I can get DVD source of ep 20.
    Stats: #clips: 19. avg length: 3.53 sec. total time: 14 hours.

    There are some more notes on varying views of this video, and the potential causes for it, here.

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