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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Title: e vol ve
  • Premiered: 2002-08-16
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    • Solar Signs Skyland
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  • Comments: By far the most obscure band I've ever done a video for, Shin Hatsubai video #32 features Russian metal at its most musically adventurous. The idea was to to mesh the melodies and the images together for a gestalt video; maybe not real accessible, but this one is really supposed to be an experience of itself. _I_ really like it. This video holds (actually held; video #43 knocked this record to pieces) a SH record on number of transitions; 13 (all fades) in less than three and a half minutes is more than in any other video, except for demos in which the number of transitions is regularly in the high double figures.

    About the music: Solar Signs is a neo-trance post-black metal band from Russia who released the demo Wait Me At Dusk, from which this song is pulled, in 1999. Everyone who has heard it is amazed why it didn't cause an immediate stir in the worldwide scene: the music is both unmistakeably metal, well-executed, and capable of appealing to a wide audience.

    There are a few additional notes about the video and the music offsite here.

    People keep asking me, "what's with the title?" It doesn't make sense at first, but it just hit me and seemed to fit while making the video. Now, I realize that not only is the music an exercise in audio evolution, but that there's a really cool trick you can do with the word 'evolve', the theme of the source anime, and some anagrams.

    Split 'evolve' into three two-syllable digrams: ev ol ve
    You can associate these as either (ev ol) ve or ev (ol ve) and anagram 'love' out of the associated pair: evolution as a love triangle.

    Obviously I couldn't do the title like that, because the syllables don't divide that way, but the syllabic division was used to make people start thinking along those lines and making those associations.

    This video has been entered for competition at Anime Festival Orlando '02, and also was submitted for consideration in the 2002 AWA Professional competition. It didn't win anything in either slot, but Jason "RYS" Salce said that it "rocked [his] socks off". Proof:

    Shin Hats Self-Grade: A. This is a really good video, but held back from perfection chiefly by #animefactory's annoying watermark. If I can get this scrubbed, it'll be convention-grade.
    Stats: #clips: 72. avg length: 2.81 sec. total time: 83 hours.

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