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  • Member: ReverieNightengale
  • Title: Silent Asylum
  • Premiered: 2005-10-20
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    • Oingo Boingo Insanity
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  • Comments: Since making it, I've had this video both been called creepy and disgusting. Therefore, I know now that I have secured a masterpiece.

    And around Halloween, nonetheless.

    I had this idea in my head originally intending to wait it off until I've played the "Silent Hill" games a little bit more (I know the story and characters, I just haven't had the pleasure to play much of the games yet). However, I started making this out of a sheer hunch that Oingo Boingo's "Insanity" would work well with the "Silent Hill" theme, and I think I was right. Once I started I had a hard time learning to stop.

    If you couldn't tell already, this is a long, long video. I wasn't sure if making a music video this long would have been such a good idea or not, but then thought: "Hell, why not?" ...then kept going. I have noticed that with lots of music videos that are long as this, they tend to lag at a certain point. I tried to fill in as much entertainment and weirdness as possible.

    Next to "Burn This City", I think "Silent Asylum" is probably the most fun I had with making a music video. Regardless, ten to twelve hours went in my time to make this, so if you can, please leave an opinion, or at least a quick comment to let me know what you think. I figured that since the non-"Silent Hill" fans didn't appreciate it for its creepiness, actual "Silent Hill" fans will.

    Addendum: If you also want to see a really awesome music video to this same song, I would recommend the official Oingo Boingo music video. It gives me chills just watching it.

    Edit: Silly me who likes to make so many edits to my videos.... If you want to watch an updated version of "Silent Asylum", check out the higher resolution in the Direct Link. Actually, I think I would recommend it.

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