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  • Members: Neiru, Ashvolt
  • Title: Jenova's Legacy
  • Premiered: 2005-10-19
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  • Song:
    • E Nomine Mitternacht
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  • Comments: Lets get this out of the way first, THIS VIDEO CONTAINS ***MAJOR SPOILERS***

    This video was inspired by the music video "Midnight," for the anime Hellsing, by the wonderful music video creator Croik. We saw it when it first came out and have been wanting to create a video using that song ever since, and we are very happy that it was to Advent Children.

    We set priorities when we began the video, and those were:
    (1) Sephiroth! As much Sephiroth as possible, because he is sadly lacking in other Advent Children videos - especially the final battle. This has driven us insane to the point of breaking down and making our own music video.
    (2) The Triplets! Yes, we are talking about Kadaj, Yazoo... and the other guy. =P We made sure to include every instance of Yazoo ducking under and flipping over various objects in dramatic slow-mo.
    (3) Vincent and Reno!
    (4) No children or females!
    (5) Cloud! ...Who is only last because he is everywhere anyways, so we didn't worry about him not getting air time.

    Sadly, as the concept for the video developed, Vincent and Reno had to go. *sob, sob* What remains of them is 4 beats of desperate fanservice at the very beginning. It was a hard and painful decision to remove them.

    Kadaj, on the other hand, ended up dominating the video, and we have developed a strong liking for him that was not there before we started the music video.

    And Cloud, alas... We were so certain he'd get tons of air time without us trying, but by the time we were nearing completion, we realized he had none and tried to fit him everywhere we could. We love you, Cloud!

    The concept of the video centers around everything and everyone related to Jenova, those being Sephiroth, Cloud, Kadaj, Yazoo, and that other guy. (Can you tell we don't like Loz? He even got cut out of his own fight scenes.)

    It starts with a brief introduction of the back story, including Shinra, Jenova, the asteroid, the lifestream, and Cloud's initial showdown with Sephiroth. Then it moves to introducing the key characters that make Cloud's life hell. We cover every major interaction between the Triplets and Cloud, and have Sephiroth's final battle interspersed throughout the video. In the slow times of the song, we tried to have a plot going of Jenova's pervading influence in the affairs of her children.

    CUE RANT: If cutting down a 100-minute movie into 3.5 minutes wasn't bad enough, we had to deal with an extremely uncooperative computer program (Adobe Premiere Pro) that refused to play back our edits in the program itself. We quite literally had to edit the whole thing blind - exporting from time to time to see if the thing made any sort of sense for timing. But now it's finished! Huzzah and hope you like it!

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