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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Title: heroes
  • Premiered: 2002-08-16
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    • Saxon Broken Heroes
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  • Comments: An old idea that finally took shape as Shin Hatsubai video #20 when I broke down and bought the dub instead of looking forever for a nonexistent sub copy. The dedication should be obvious. The hardest part of making this vid was getting the good land war stuff out of the 3rd ep without showing too much of Matsumoto's Morlock character type, since their less-realistic character designs would mess up the feel of the video. The transitions do what they're supposed to, and there's a lot of really good hits. The last video made without the rough-draft technique, it still pretty much came out okay. The only reason nobody else did this combo first is nobody else is both enough of a Matsumoto otaku to dig something like this up and enough of a NWOBHM fan to buy Saxon CDs to get the music from.

    Provided that the shot of the Avenger rear-gunner getting a 20mm cannon round through the head makes it past their censors, and time allows, this vid will be entered for exhibition and competition at Anime Festival Orlando '02.

    Shin Hats Self-Grade: A-. I like this video a lot, but I should have tightened up the song a little, and some of the edits could have been a little better.
    Stats: #clips: 99. avg length: 3.30 sec. total time: 16 hours.

    This video was completed back in October 2001, and, while it's not likely, since neither the music nor the anime was ever (according to anyway) used previously in a music video, it's certainly possible that it could have found its way from the Bowdoin servers into the world at large in either of two versions. The first, in either MPEG1 or .asf, is as it'll appear at AFO, with color. The second version is grayscaled and in DivX. The reason for this is that I was in process for video #23 shortly after finishing this one, and needed a test bed for Virtual Dub's grayscaler. It's ok, but it kills the effect of the fades. Some grayscaling in the initial process stage might have helped this vid, but I did too much with colors to just rip them out of the whole thing. The grayscaled version of the video, along with some extra notes on the video, is linked from here.

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