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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Bleeding Alive
  • Premiered: 2005-10-16
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    • Natalie Imbruglia Smoke
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  • Comments: Well, the first time round of watching Weiß Kreuz I don't think that I hated any character anywhere near as much as I hated Ouka. But you know, about the 20th viewing of the series through (sadly, I am not exaggerating. I LOVE WK!) I actually started to like her, and now I love her! Unlike most of the WK femmes at least she has a spine.

    Anyways, originally after falling in love with this song I had planned to to an Omi x Ouka mushy vid to it, and as I started working on it I was like "wow, this REALLY, isn't a romance song!" and while it probably would have made a better Omi profile AMV, there are Omi AMVs out the wahzoo! Yet, I've yet to see an Ouka profile AMVs (I've seen one Omi x Ouka AMV and I loved it to death! But it was mostly about Omi), so I decided to make an entire vid for her!

    Hopefully the lack of appropriate footage isn't apparent while watching this. I think that I actually found a good amount of stuff to go to the lyrics, and I managed to put in most of my favorite Ouka scenes, so I'm happy.

    Well, all in all I like this. I starts out all effectsy and quickly becomes, well... not. But uh, yeah. This will probably mostly just appeal to Weiß Kreuz fans. But whoever ends up downloading it, I hope that you like it. =)

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