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  • Member: Tormentor
  • Title: Identity
  • Premiered: 2005-10-02
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  • Song:
    • Dark Tranquillity Am I 1 ?
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    Anime: Serial Experiments Lain
    Band: Dark Tranquility
    Song: Am I 1?

    Ok this is my 3rd video I worked on. It's the first video I build using Adobe premiere. This video has no expression, moreover it should be an exposure of an insane mind. Like all my video so far it's based on text/lyricsync. The plot, if one can say so, is about the girl Lain who has no good relations to any other being. She is searching for her true self, losing herself more and more in a virtual world. She is also losing the control about her live. I hope that you guys will understand what I want to express here.

    I came to building this video, because I wanted to use some more complicated music in order to have the opportunity to use some effects in this project. I build the video during 2 weeks in my holydays. I have to excuse myself for the visual quality that isn't that good. I also don't think that I was able to manage a good effect use, but hey it's my first try.

    For the ones who "don't speak growl" here are the lyrics:

    I grant to you
    no privilege of person
    no sense, no self
    a denial of choise.
    It wants out
    so from all the little bits and pieces
    a simple case of lost and found
    a wicked new beginning
    I don't ever want to see
    it's the oldest trick in the book
    just like everything you always knew
    turned upon its very end and there is nothing left to be

    half a mind to say
    all the things that bother me today

    you better check if it's me
    in that coffin of yours
    or just the one
    the one you thought you knew

    ref: I am one
    who am I?
    no character
    to be lost inside

    a mind ins hard to please
    so wander aimlessly

    hands clenched in fists of rage
    can feel the frustration
    there's a part of me that cannot deal
    with the character I am forced to be

    a thinly veiled plan
    to lay your world afoot
    lost in community
    blind in belonging

    Is there really nothing more than this?
    The emptyness remains
    so put on your brave face
    and take the plunge again

    I am one
    who am I?
    No character
    to be lost inside

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